a7rii Sony a7Riii Getting Started in Video a7rii Sony a7iii Getting Started in Video  


Dave a7sii Sony a7Sii Getting Started in Video a7rii Sony a7Rii Getting Started in Video Dave

Panasonic GH4 Getting Started in Video

Dave Canon 5D Mark III Getting Started in Video 6d Canon 6D Getting Started in Video Dave with t5i 700d Canon T5i/700D Getting Started in Video
Dave Canon T4i/650D Getting Started in Video Dave Canon T3i/600D Getting Started in Video color match Camera Matching Sony to Canon
Unsolicited Testimonials

"You made me feel good about my purchase, as my need to get into Video came about rather urgently (I needed a quick way to make some "professional" YouTube channels for a few artist/musician channels)." Stephen

"New to DSLR video and your course saved my butt, and hours of learning time. Thanks very much. Love your relaxed style." Don

"I bought it a couple days later (after OKing it with the wife lol) and have gone through it twice already. You keep it nice and slow and always make sure to fully explain something before moving on. I really appreciate that! I just wanted to tell you that I loved your tutorials and I really learned a lot from them. You seem like an awesome guy and I look forward to learning more from you in the future. Keep up the good work!" Brock

"I learned answers to questions that I have had for months! I didn't think I would learn so much really but Boy i certainly did! Thank you soo much for all the help!" - David

"Your course has been a great help to me! Thanks!" - Moises

"I found it very helpful." Jemery

"It was really helpful, as I'm just a beginner. It saved a lot of my time." - Janardhan

Training course is fantastic! U should all have a look at it." - Michelangelo

"Great work. Much appreciated. HUGE help." - Scott

"Thanks so much Dave. This is terrific. I've learned much more than I thought I would." - Elain

"I am a total DSLR beginner and just picked up your course!! Amazing! Easy to follow and very detailed. Definitely recommend this to ANYONE!" - Bluesman

"I learned a lot with you and yes, you saved me months of testing and experimenting with the camera." Quéli F.

"I'm really happy with the guidance and as a newbie it has accelerated my knowledge curve and given me the confidence boost I needed to produce quality video. I've just completed watching all the videos and am pleased they'll be available for reference whilst I gain competency." Ray James

"I just gotta tell ya…I'm absolutely loving this tutorial…I've learned so much in just a few days it's crazy…Especially with exposure…I'm a MulticameraTV Director, and usually have Video Shaders do this for me…never took the time to really delve into it until now…" - Curt

"Great job on the video, if you didn't already know that." - Jeff